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Clank!: Adventuring Party Expansion

Clank!: Adventuring Party Expansion

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Expand your merry band to include up to 6 players!

The thieves’ guild is recruiting! Clank! Adventuring Party expands your merry band to include up to six players in your dungeon run! Want a new thieving identity? Shuffle up as one of six unique characters, each with their own starting deck and special abilities ! Lead Trusty companions as the Dwarf Agnet Build Wonderous Collections as the Elf D’allan.

• Smash hordes of enemies as the Orc Garignar.

• Sling arcane spells as the mage Lenara.

• Amass primate power as the MonkeyBot Prime.

• Or stir up a paw full of trouble as the devious cat Whiskers.

But beware: the ravenous hydra Hexavultus won’t give up his treasures easily… This expansion requires Clank! A Deck-building Adventure or Clank! Legacy Acquisitions Incorporated to play.

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